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The Whingeing Poet's Corner

29 January 1985
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What can I say? I'm 21 and I've just finished studying my final Psychology subject of my Arts degree at Sydney Uni . I used to have a fat brown guinea pig named Digby (R.I.P. 2003-2005) and a green budgie (R.I.P.) and a finch (now permanently residing at my brother's apartment... also possibly dead) so I am now officially petless. I'm a tad lazy and argumentative and these are some of my better qualities. I am an avid couch potato, web surfer and movie and Oscar buff (and/or a movie snob according to some). I am a fairly avid sports fan although I'm too lazy to actually go out and play these sports cos I'm rather unco and uncompetitive, but I like to watching swimming, netball, tennis and cycling.