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Long overdue but finally passed

Note to anyone doing their red P's driving test: Don't do it in Chatswoodif you can avoid it.

I buggered up my driving test twice before finally getting my P's on the third go, just a week before my learner's licence was due to expire. And if I had failed that third time, I would have to go sit another driver knowledge test to renew my L's.

First time round, I got done for not doing enough headchecks at intersections. And apparently I was also going to slow along some streets.

Second time round, some bloody schoolkids were hanging around the pedestrian crossing outside Willoughby Girls. Obviously had no intent to cross the street but were kinda stepping on and off the curb and I didn't brake fast enough before the crossing. The RTA examiner had to tell me to hit the brakes. Yeah, epic fail on my part.

Also on my second test, I delayed traffic by waiting too long at a T-junction when it was my right of way, and got honked at my another driver.

So I guess it was third time lucky. I thought I would get done for speeding, delaying traffic or for crossing an unbroken line, but luckily I did well enough to pass.

And thank god I didn't have to do a reverse parallel park cos I know I would've stuffed that up. Only had to do a 3 point turn, which I'm pretty good at.

So now that I've got my red P's, I ain't driving for some time now. Firstly, because I don't really need to drive anywhere, and secondly, cos I know I wouldn't be able to park the car in the carpark.


I was totally freaking out

Before I got my results for Semester 2 I was really worried about failing a couple of subjects. I'm still kind of worried now that most of the results have been released.

I say 'most' of the results have been released because the Property & Equity 2 results have apparently not been finalised yet. I hope that doesn't mean anything bad and am presuming its s subject-wide thing that they have to finalise all the exam marks.

But the one subject I was most worried about I actually managed to pull out a distinction in! Even though I disregarded one of the lecturer's suggestions for my essay topic. That was subject Issues in Australian Constitutional Law. I only chose it because it was a 4 credit points elective and only went for half the semester. Nothing in the lectures was actually examinable so every class I was just sitting there downloading music and movies and generally just surfing the net and checking the message boards.

I thought I had bombed out in the presentation part of the course and when I re-read my essay after I submitted it I freaked out because it seemed so shallow and not in-depth at all. So happy to be wrong there.

Also in another subject, Advanced Legal Research I thought I had made a huge mistake in citing wrongly dated legislation, and not being able to find materials and answers for all categories in the table. But still managed to pull out a credit there.

Business Associations 1 was an absolute bitch and everyone I talked to also thought it was of the hardest exams ever. It seemed designed to ensure people wouldn't finish. But thank god I passed and somehow got a credit.

Still awaiting P&E2 but hope the results get officially released soon.

Meanwhile my driving test is on December 19, so fingers crossed.


Rice & Phelps?

Yes, it is true. Stephanie Rice and Michael Phelps did indeed hook up in Beijing. Whether it actuall went any further than pashing is another matter. So says my friend who was at the Bud Bar in Beijing and actually witnessed the makeout session.

I tend to believe him cos he's pretty tight with members of the swim team.


Taking a break

Got another week to go until uni starts again. Thankfully I passed all my exams, although I was really worried about some of them, particularly federal constitutional law.

Meanwhile I've been following the Tour de France and really hope Cadel wins. Got 3 days in the Alps so don't know if he'll hang onto the jersey or let CSC take the responsibility for a few days and then pounce on them in the final time trial.


It's been ages!

Probably should use my LJ more often, but I've been addicted to Facebook as of late. Been playing Scrabulous during uni hours when I should be typing up lecture notes.

Meanwhile I've got 3 assignments due for uni in the next 2 weeks. Gonna be hectic as hell.


I should be studying

I should be studying for my upcoming exams and doing my takehome exam due Monday arvo, but instead I watched the Tony Awards, which are for American theatre, well mainly for Broadway anyway.

So I'm watching the presentation for Featured Actress in a Play, and lo and behold, Jennifer Ehle, A.K.A. Lizzie from Pride and Prejudice wins the award. Her dress kinda sucked, but then she starts talking and giving her acceptance speech in an American accent.

Well holy shitballs.

Had no idea she was American but then I wikipediad her and found out she was born in North Carolina and mostly raised in America. Apparently she did a Madonna (before Madonna herself did a 'Madonna) and 'learnt' a British accent when she went to drama school in London. I know her mother is a famous British actress (Oscar-nominated), but still.

I would never have guessed otherwise. Although I knew her hair was obviously fake. So that means Bridget Jones and Lizzie Bennet were both played by Yanks and Scarlett O'Hara was played by a Pom.

Strange world.


Another uni semester begins.

Bloody hell, uni starts again on Monday.

And my first class is at 9am.

Jeez, talk about a rude awakening. Hate waking up any earlier than 10am. So now I'll have to haul ass virtually every weekday at 7:30-7:45am into the crowded train station, onto the crowded buses, into the crowded campus. And back again.

Don't I wish for the days like Semester 1 last year when I could wake up pretty much whenever and still make it to class. Last year I could leave the house at close to 10:30am and still make an 11am lecture. Now that I'm going to UNSW I have to make sure I leave at least an hour early to ensure I make my transport connections.

Shit, why don't they have a timetable for early risers and one for late risers? Back at USYD, when I was still doing psych, sociology and philosophy, several lectures were repeated and you could either go to the morning or arvo sessions. No guesses for which sessions I mostly ended up going to. And they didn't even really care if you turned up or not.

Honestly, for my 3rd year linguistics I went to less than half of the Monday arvo lectures on the other side of the campus cos after completing each assignment, those lectures were virtually useless. And aside from psych tutes, no one really gave a shit about attendance unless your grades sucked.

Probably should book myself a library tour sometime. Can't really be arsed unless I have to. And should familiarise myself with the law building. But again, can't really be arsed.

More importantly I have to go buy textbooks. The course list is up at the online bookshop, but I think I'll hold off buying (plus I don't know where the hell the store is located anyway) until we know in the lectures what is really a prescribed text and ones that we don't necessarily have to buy. Also, some of those textbooks look bloody expensive and I don't have that much money right now.


I've made the choice: Defhed's uni decision

After much thought I've decided to accept the full fee offer of grad law at UNSW. I know the fee is a killer, but on whole UNSW probably gives me more options than UTS. And yes, I'll try to do well this year and try to transfer into the commonwealth-supported course for next year.

I just wish the semester didn't start until March.

Still, once I officially accept the UNSW offer (I've got until this coming Friday) and enrol, then everything will be set. I'll try to get off my arse to go to O-Week since they've specifically got a session for new law students on the 22nd of February.

I'm excited, but really, my mind is more focused on 2 things: my birthday, and my brother's upcoming wedding on the 10th of March (I hope I've got the date right). Meaning dress fittings and the like (although that'll kinda suck cos I pigged out over the Christmas/New Year break).


So maybe a while ago (a long while ago) I posted that my Mum had urged me to apply for graduate law for 2007 since I had recently completed my BA. She offered to pay for the application fee, so that helped. I applied for graduate law at USYD, UNSW, UTS and Wollongong (cos my brother did his grad law degree at Wollongong).

Fast forward yea months to January 17, 9pm.

I'm huddled around my overheated Dell laptop (here's hoping the battery doesn't explode in my face!) waiting for the UAC website popup to load. I enter my application number and pin, and


I got not one, but two main round offers! A HECS grad law course at UTS, and the full fee-paying course at UNSW.

I'll wait for the booklets and stuff to arrive in the mail before I accept one or the other, but I'm stoked.

I only really applied cos my parents wanted me to, but as the time grew nearer for offers to be released, I got nervous and was really hoping I'd get in. And I didn't think I'd get a main round offer cos my uni grades and averages from my BA weren't that good (well at least I didn't think so). I mean for god's sake I had to stick around another semester for 2006 cos I failed 2 subjects the year before!

Realistically I'd probably accept the UTS offer cos its HECS and the campus is closer but there are also a lot of benefits to accepting the UNSW offer. Just that the fee is a killer. Although I could always accept the UNSW fee paying offer and then work my butt off to get a good enough grade average to transfer into the UNSW grad law HECS course.

But who really cares about overanalysis right now. Barring any unforseen circumstances or mistaken identity, I'll be doing grad law!

Heh and after my parents were slightly worried I wouldn't be able to get anywhere with an Arts degree hopefully this will make them happier. Well at least considering the fact that my older brothers are a doctor and a lawyer respectively.


New Year's Eve 06 party

So I guess I'm having a New Year's Eve party after all. Well everyone else in my family wants to anyway so I guess we're having one.

Went to Woolworths yesterday to stock up on supplies. Mum always tells us to buy less, but you never know when drinks will run out, as we found out a few years ago. Don't want to have to run down to the crowded corner store to get more.

Nothing fancy, chips, drinks, finger food, chocolate and the like. And a view of the fireworks.

So if anyone wants to come, you know the drill.

SMS me or call me or whatever. I'll be offline on the day cos we'll be pulling out all the internet cables and wheeling this computer table away.